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Laser Hair Removal Wichita KS

Hello, if you found us by searching “ Wichita laser hair removal” or “Electrolysis Wichita Ks” then you are in luck and we are close enough to serve you! Do you feel exhausted over the endless struggle of grooming, trying to keep stubble at bay, avoiding razor burn, or ingrown hairs?. If so then laser hair removal is exactly what you need.

At Laser Hair Removal Wichita Ks we provide a permanent and pain-free solution to your hair removal needs. Not to mention that treatment can cost less than a waxing appointment.

We use top of the line devices partnered with our amazing and professional technicians to guide you through your treatment and give the best result possible.

About Laser Hair Removal Wichita

Our mission is to give our patients the best laser hair removal results in Wichita Kansas. We are passionate about making your experience with us something you look forward to, we want to see our patients come back to us after experiencing the freedom of permanent results.

Your goals are just as important to us as they are to you, we have not done our job unless you are satisfied. We are known for our exceptional customer service, our team is accommodation and friendly, Our team is here to help you feel at ease during your treatment and provide anything you might need.

At Laser Hair Removal Wichita Ks our goal is to provide you with an amazing overall experience, we want you to feel respected, understood, and \

safe in our clinic. Our highly trained technicians are the very best in the area and guarantee you a safe and effective treatment.

Our Lightsheer device makes it possible for us to customize the setting for all of our patients, these options make your appointment more efficient giving the best results in shorter treatment times.

Many of our services can be completed on a quick break from work. But we always encourage you to come to see us when you have more time so that you can relax and enjoy your time.

Why Choose Us?

What makes us the best option for laser hair removal in Wichita? First, it’s our top of the line Lightsheer device, this machine is designed to make your appointments more efficient and pain-free.

This offers multiple laser settings and the number of pulses at one time.

We also provide a top of the line experience, our offices and treatment rooms and elegant and beautiful. Old transition hair removal methods did not provide the most glamorous setting.

That all changes with Laser Hair Removal Wichita Ks, we want you to experience the high-class treatment of a celebrity.

It is extremely important to us that we:

  • Give free consultations, so that we can get to know our patients and learn about their hair removal needs. Also, provide education so that you feel confident in your decision to move forward
  • Ensure a pain-free treatment
  • Use only the best and safest laser hair removal machines
  • Create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere
  • Give customized treatment plans for each patient during the consultation so you have all the information to move forward.
  • Provide the best customer service experience.

Free consultation

We have been providing amazing results to men and women around Wichita Ks for years and are excited to get you started on your journey.

Call us today to be scheduled for your complimentary no-obligation consultation.

What To Expect?

At Laser Hair Removal Wichita Ks we set our standards high and guarantee to provide the very best Wichita laser hair removal services. with our amazing Lightsheer device you will not be disappointed, combined with our Chill tip machine you will be wishing you had this treatment years ago.

During your free consultation we will be giving you a tour of our offices and the treatment rooms, we also try to introduce you to as many team members as possible, this creates connections and we hope makes you feel more comfortable in our clinic. We will also demonstrate our Laser device so you can see how it works and get comfortable with the process.

We use this time to answer any questions you have and guide you through the steps of treatment. We hope that by the end of your consultation you feel confident in moving forward.

Before your first treatment appointment, we ask you to end all waxing appointments so that the hair can regrow and we can treat it. We also ask that you stop any at-home tanning, tanning can change the color of the hair and may affect the results of treatment.

The day of your appointment we hope you are excited as we are, we love seeing the results on first-time patients. We will start with a test patch to

show you how it feels and adjust the setting to make you completely comfortable. As the lasers work over the area we will be checking your comfort levels. Treatment can last 15-60 minutes so we want you to be relaxed and pain-free.

After your treatment is completed we will go over any after care of the area and provide sun protection if the area is going to be exposed to direct sunlight, this is because the treatment site will be more sensitive to heat.

As a followup, our staff will contact you in the days following to make sure you are happy with your results and experience.

Our Hair Removal Services

If you need hair removal Wichita Ks then there is no better option than our amazing Lightsheer Quatrro machine. With this, we can serve a larger demographic using its customizable setting to achieve the best result for dark to light hair. Our machine is completely versatile and efficient making your treatment quick and enjoyable. We also provide Electrolysis Wichita Ks treatments which is yet another amazing permanent removal technique.

wichita electrolysis

Electrolysis Hair Removal

This hair removal method is separate from laser hair removal, instead of using lasers Electrolysis uses heat energy which is transmitted through a very small probe, this probe is inserted into the hair follicles one at a time and destroys the ability for hair to grow. This treatment will achieve permanent results.

wichita underarm laser hair removal

Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Underarm treatment is quickly becoming a very popular request.

This service is fast and only causes very mild discomfort to some.

Removal of hair in this area can stop the shadow effect that many women get in their underarms, this treatment can also help with excessive odor or sweat.

wichita brazilian and wichita bikini line hair removal

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

We offer 2 types of removal for the pubic region, Bikini which removes hair outside the panty line and down the leg,

Or a Brazilian treatment which will banish all hair in the pubic region.

Both options will provide you the freedom you desire with no skin irritation. You will be Bikini ready all year long.

wichita facial hair removal

Facial Laser Hair Removal

This is one of the most sought after treatment areas, being the focal point of our interactions with people makes removing unwanted facial hair permanently so desirable.

Areas include: Upper lip, Hairline, Neckline, Beard, Chin, Cheeks, and sideburns

wichita arm hair removal and wichita laser leg hair removal

Arm/Leg Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of constant shaving or razor burn then this is a fantastic option for you. This provides you with permanent smooth and glowing skin.

Both the arms and legs are very comfortable treatment zones and are easily treated. Our lasers can be adjusted to reach a larger area like the leg making the most out of each appointment.


I have just finished my last treatment on my armpits and I am still in shock at how affordable it was. They have awesome packages for basically any treatment which offers 1 treatment free since you are purchasing the whole treatment bundle. I get my armpits and legs waxed once a month and the treatment cost the same as 2 months and I now have permanent results, if that isn’t enough, it was totally painless. I am really happy with my service.

Justine M.

I just had my consultation and am going to be making an appointment for treatment soon, their office is so beautiful I was expecting the people to be rude and act better than me, but boy was I wrong, the whole staff is super friendly, they are so sweet and generous they went and grabbed me coffee without hesitation and gave me a full tour introducing me to all the ladies working. I am very excited about my treatment. I feel completely confident in their services.

Cori J.

Everybody needs to experience laser hair removal! I am so pleased with the results they gave me. They took the time to show me how it all works and what I should expect, so on the day, I was completely prepared. They did not disappoint, my results are amazing and the treatment was so fast and painless. I love how they make sure to adjust all the settings so that it works for me.

Harley K.

About Wichita Kansas

As the largest city in Kansas, Wichita is known as “Air Capital of the world”, the very first airplane was actually manufactured in Wichita and they continue to be a leading producer of aviation.

This amazing city has been home to hundreds of new companies and economic growth, such as the start of the famous and loved Pizza Hut!

Along with their impact in the economic world, Wichita also offers attractions such as museums, art galleries, wonderful dining, and endless shopping. They have a food truck plaza and have been named a foodie city.

Along with city life, Wichita also offers great outdoor adventure, with mild climate residents are able to enjoy outdoor activities all year-long such as the beautiful parks, biking trails, hiking, Disc Golf, Rock River Rapids and zoo!

Wichitas population is currently 388,771 and surrounding cities include:

  • Derby
  • Newton
  • Andover
  • El Dorado
  • Winfield
  • Haysville
  • and Surrounding Areas...


Will laser hair removal work for me?

Yes, our treatments work for any skin and hair type. Its diversity is what makes our Lightsheer Quattro machine so amazing.

What are Laser Hair Removal Wichita Ks Prices?

This is based on your treatment area and how many sessions you will need to achieve your desired results. We will go over laser Hair removal Wichita Ks costs during your free consultation.

Are there any side effects of laser hair removal?

There are only very minor side effects that may occur, redness, tingling sensation, and swelling

How many treatments will I need?

Again this is dependent on the area we are removing the larger the area the more treatments we will need to do. The average number of appointments is 3-9. These are all spaced out about 6 weeks.

Is laser hair removal painful?

No, your treatment should be painful if it is then the machine needs to be adjusted, at most you may experience mild discomfort in some areas. This is why we perform a test patch and check your comfort level throughout your service.

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Are you frustrated and tired of the endless task of old traditional hair removal methods? If so it is time to try something new.

Our team is ready to educate and guide you through your laser hair removal journey. Our breathtaking treatment rooms will provide you with the tranquil and relaxing experience you deserve.

Laser Hair Removal Wichita Ks is passionate about giving you the best results possible, and we strive to make this amazing service available to any budget. We are ready to serve you and deliver the glowing smooth skin you have always dreamed of.

Our schedule fills up fast so Hurry and call today so we can get started on your treatment plan!

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